Jumpstarting a Dead Battery

If the battery in your car has died, or you've encountered someone who is dealing with a dead battery, it's important to know how to properly jumpstart the broken down car. A quality set of jumper cables is all you need to get a dead battery back on the road.

Safety is important, so you want to make sure that both cars are parked near each other and out of the flow of any traffic. Take the positive cable and clamp it to the positive terminal of the dead battery, and then attach the other end to the…

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Starter Not Starting? Causes and Concerns Explained

A car that will not start properly is not always the fault of a malfunctioning or dead battery. Sometimes it is the starter that is to blame. Smoke emitting from the engine and the smell of burning is one primary sign that the starter is not working properly. An oil-soaked starter is also a cause for concern, as it could mean the component needs to be replaced. Unusual noises such as grinding sounds or constant whining coming from the hood when the car is started also indicate that the starter might require a service appointment.

The ignition experts and enthusiasts…
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Roadtrip Games to Entertain Your Passengers

When you're traveling with your family, keep your kids from getting bored by playing a few road trip games. Get a green LEGO board, a few thin strips to make a tic-tac-toe board, and small square blocks of two different colors so that your kids can play in the car. When they are done, all of the pieces can be stored on the large LEGO piece.

Put letters in a cup to begin a fun travel game. One person pulls a letter out of the cup and tries to find that letter somewhere on a sign or on a…

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Save Money This Summer on Your Roadtrip

We here at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo want you to enjoy your summer trip wherever the road may take you this year. Here are some tips that we’ve found to help you save money while still having fun.

If you bring along a portable grill, you can stop at rest areas to grill out some of your meals on the road. This can save money instead of spending extra money at restaurants or fast food joints. Camping can be a fun and cheaper alternative to staying at a hotel. If you have extra room in the vehicle, you…

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Packing Your Roadside Emergency Kit to Avoid Serious Trouble

These are a few of the essentials that the team at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo have determined should be in every roadside emergency kit.

The jumper cables should be a part of the kit because you could get help from just about any motorist that stops to offer assistance. A big flashlight with new batteries will come in handy when you need to make any repairs to the vehicle at night. It can also be used to signal drivers to avoid your disabled vehicle if the battery is dead.

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What to Know about Tire Blowouts

When you are driving along, and your tire blows out, this can be quite a startling event that can cause an accident if you aren't careful. Usually, a blowout will occur when you are driving at higher speeds, not under thirty miles per hour or so. This speed and the fact that you've lost function of one of your tires can put you and your family at risk if you aren't careful. Let's talk about how you can avoid a tire blowout.

One of the main reasons a tire blowout occurs in that the tires on…

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Keep Your Service Needs in Check with Our Appointment Scheduler

You are tired of waiting on hold while trying to make an appointment of one kind or another. You have too many important things to do to spend your day holding a quiet phone to your ear. If you are looking to save time when it comes to scheduling your vehicle's service appointments, our online service scheduler can help you with that.

The online program that we have set up will not make you hold as you wait to see if the appointment time that you want is available. 

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What is the Origin of the Term Horsepower?

Today whenever we purchase a vehicle of any kind the term horsepower is one of the topics of conversation. We speak in terms of horsepower as being a measure of how much power the engine of the vehicle possesses. Whether we are purchasing a family car, an SUV, or a muscle car, the term has significance as far as the strength of the engine and how fast a car will travel.

The term horsepower came into being in the 18th century when the famous inventor, James Watt was looking for a way to sell his steam engines. He was observing…

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Know Your Drivetrain Needs Before You Decide

Picking out a new car is a major decision, so you want to have as much information as possible going into it. One thing you will want to take into consideration is whether you need a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicle. This will be based mostly on your unique driving habits and needs.

Vehicles with front wheel drive tend to be less expensive and to get better gas mileage. They can also be driven dependably in inclement weather. These cars get the best traction because the power is in the front wheels.

If you care more about…

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How to Test Your Car's Battery with Ease

Most people wait until the last minute to find out that their car's battery is dead. This is a problem because it could leave you stranded, far away from a shop or automotive parts store. You can prevent these situations just by testing your car battery at home. There are multiple ways to do this, but the easiest and fastest is to get a multimeter.

The multimeter is a handy device that lets you measure the voltage of your car battery quickly. You can see how much voltage your car battery is producing and get a readout from the…

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