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The Acura ILX Sports New Duds for 2019

(Acura ILX with A-Spec Package)

The Acura ILX is back for the 2019 model year and it is looking good, if we can say so ourselves. Riding on alloy wheels and impeccably outfitted in Acura’s alluring new design language, the ILX is a vehicle designed to capture your gaze and hold on to it. It certainly is a stunning addition to the Buffalo scene...

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The 2020 Acura TLX: A Strong, Stylish & Ready to Ride

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The Acura TLX is one of the most design-rich and tech-forward sedans available. Its slender body and speed lines give it a sharp appearance and also help it to drive without drag. 5 seats and an ample trunk space help it to accommodate nearly any travel need, and an affordable price makes it easier to attain.

If you're near Buffalo, swing by our lot to check out the TLX up close and maybe even set up a test drive.


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The Acura RDX is All New and Completely Redesigned in 2019

Acura decided to give one of its signature SUVs--the RDX--a facelift in 2019, both inside and out. The result is an experience that drivers from Buffalo to Orchard Park to Amherst won't want to miss.


Talk to Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo to Learn More About the 2019 Acura RDX

You can view our 2019 Acura RDX inventory on our web site. Our finance department offers a selection of loan and lease specials. Come see us today!

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Upgrade Your Drives with a 2019 Acura MDX Package

Our new Acura inventory at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo includes a wide selection of 2019 Acura MDX models for drivers around Orchard Park and Grand Island to consider. In fact, there are five different packages offered with it at our dealership in Williamsville, New York! If this Acura SUV interests you, then take a closer look at the configurations available to choose the most suitable option for you.


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How to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Having your car stolen can be a huge inconvenience and loss, even if it is covered by insurance. We at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo want you to be an informed driver with knowledge of who to prevent it from happening to you. Come pay us a visit and get some helpful tips. Here are some tips on protecting your vehicle from theft.

Never leave keys in the vehicle.
  • Keep the vehicle locked at all times.
  • Do not leave valuables in the vehicle. 
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    Roadtrip Games to Entertain Your Passengers

    When you're traveling with your family, keep your kids from getting bored by playing a few road trip games. Get a green LEGO board, a few thin strips to make a tic-tac-toe board, and small square blocks of two different colors so that your kids can play in the car. When they are done, all of the pieces can be stored on the large LEGO piece.

    Put letters in a cup to begin a fun travel game. One person pulls a letter out of the cup and tries to find that letter somewhere on a sign or on a…

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    Save Money This Summer on Your Roadtrip

    We here at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo want you to enjoy your summer trip wherever the road may take you this year. Here are some tips that we’ve found to help you save money while still having fun.

    If you bring along a portable grill, you can stop at rest areas to grill out some of your meals on the road. This can save money instead of spending extra money at restaurants or fast food joints. Camping can be a fun and cheaper alternative to staying at a hotel. If you have extra room in the vehicle, you…

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    What is the Origin of the Term Horsepower?

    Today whenever we purchase a vehicle of any kind the term horsepower is one of the topics of conversation. We speak in terms of horsepower as being a measure of how much power the engine of the vehicle possesses. Whether we are purchasing a family car, an SUV, or a muscle car, the term has significance as far as the strength of the engine and how fast a car will travel.

    The term horsepower came into being in the 18th century when the famous inventor, James Watt was looking for a way to sell his steam engines. He was observing…

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    The 2018 Buffalo Auto Show – Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo

    Here at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo, we're gearing up for the 2018 Buffalo Auto Show where hundreds of automotive companies and manufacturers will gather to share the newest models soon to be hitting showrooms in the greater Buffalo region. For Acura that means new updates to top luxury models like the RDX, MDX, and TLX among others.


    The  newest Acura RDX is the first model to fully embody a new design, with exhilarating…

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