Our Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo service techs recommend seasonal checkups for your engine, oil, brakes, tires and battery. Batteries have a five- to seven-year shelf life, but annual temperature fluctuations still affect them and diminish their capacity. Here's why

When Summer Hits

Car batteries can die in summer for several reasons. Interior electrolytes required to produce and store charges can evaporate. In another twist, car batteries in summer can work so well, their enhanced capacity results in a decrease in overall battery life. Then there are the demands of electrical components like AC to consider, which can stress the alternator and its ability to properly recharge the battery.

When Winter Descends

In winter, the extreme cold simply freezes or slows down your car battery's internal electrolytes. At freezing, your car loses up to 20 percent of its capacity. At -22 degrees Fahrenheit, your car battery loses up to 50 percent of its capacity. The gargantuan power needs of your car's starter in winter can also stress the battery when the ice sets in.

Don't break down on the road. Have your battery, oil and tires checked seasonally at our Williamsville dealership service department. We look forward to serving you.


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