Williamsville drivers can instantly increase their vehicles' hauling abilities by taking advantage of roof racks. These long-trusted accessories are great for storing all of your recreational, business-related, and sporting items among other things. At Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo, we want to share two tips to help motorists get the best value from these important additions.

Choose A Cargo Box With Reliable Locking Technologies

Given that your items will be stored at the vehicle exterior, you want to make sure that they're duly protected. This is done by choosing a durable and well-built cargo box that's fitted with a quality lock. Whenever you make rest stops during your trips, you won't have to worry about your belongings being stolen or tampered with.

Take Your Roof Rack Down When You Aren't Using It

Although roof racks are helpful for hauling essentials without sacrificing interior comfort, they can also increase your vehicle's aerodynamic drag. Removing these systems when they aren't in use can have a very positive impact on your mileage. For more tips on safely using a roof rack or for professional auto service, come by Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo now.


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