Windshield wiper blade replacement is one of many quick but essential auto service jobs that our Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo service team performs daily. It's advisable to replace windshield wiper blades before the change of seasons or every six to 12 months. Here's why.

Daily Demands on Wiper Blades

It's not until bad weather rolls around that we deploy windshield wipers. Even when the weather's good, the elements are still quite harsh to wiper blades. Moisture, heat, cold, debris and even UV light all conspire to erode, dry out, harden, split and break windshield wiper blades.

Evidence of Degraded Wiper Blades

Wiper blades in need of replacement perform poorly. Evidence includes squeaking and chattering noise from the blades or an insufficiently squeegeed windshield that remains streaked or smudged despite windshield wiper activity. The latter results in diminished visibility that's just not safe to endure while driving.

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