Roadside emergencies can be frightening, especially when drivers aren't prepared for them. Motorists who've taken the time to plan for the unexpected are able to avoid further damages to their vehicles, prevent physical injuries, and preserve important legal evidence among other things. At Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo, we want to share two tips for staying safe whenever you find yourself waiting for roadside assistance.

Keep Your Doors Locked And Speak Through The Window

If you are able to park your car in a safe, out-of-the-way location, remain in the vehicle with the doors locked until help arrives. If someone offers help, crack the window and speak through this barrier. If you're unable to place a call for help, you can ask passersby to make this call for you.

Make Safety Your Top Priority

One of the first and most important steps in ensuring continued safety during a roadside emergency is navigating your car away from moving traffic. This is something that you should try to do even if you've had a blowout and are riding on a rim. Potentially having to pay for a wheel replacement is a worthy trade given the many problems and injuries that this step can prevent. For more tips on safely dealing with roadside emergencies or to have your auto serviced by our seasoned team of professionals, come by Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo today.



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