When the wheel pushes water under your tire, the chances for hydroplaning increase. A hydroplaning vehicle can slide on the road and crash. Keeping your tires properly inflated is one way to reduce the chances of hydroplaning. Being aware of specific facts might further cut down on the potential for an accident.

Hydroplaning occurs when rain mixes with residue on the road. If you are traveling more than 35 mph, the risks increase. Also, the first ten minutes right after a light rain expands the dangers. Braking and steering may become surprisingly inefficient at this time.

Safer driving habits would help the situation, as speeding or erratic driving enhances the dangers. Taking care of your tires is imperative, too. Worn treads could mean less traction, as does improper inflation.

At Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo, we can check out your tires and perform other maintenance requests. Consider our service department a great help for drivers living in Williamsville.


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