Learn the Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer

The crew here at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo wanted to help our audience have a better understanding of the differences between oversteer and understeer so you can quickly identify the trouble and have the front end inspected.

Understeeer is when you try to turn the wheel but your vehicle does not adjust accordingly and you leave the road. When you try to make turns and you find your vehicle is hugging the shoulder or leaves the road altogether, you'll want to get servicing quickly because you may not be able to keep the vehicle on the road at higher speeds.

Oversteer is the opposite, and you'll find your vehicle turns too tightly even when you're making slight movements with the steering wheel. The big concern with the oversteering is that your car can spin out of control very easily and you might find yourself either hitting a guard rail or moving into oncoming traffic.



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