Information About Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

When you get your vehicle's motor oil changed, you may have heard about motor oil viscosity ratings. At Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo in Williamsville, NY, we want you to have an understanding of how your vehicle works, which is why we have explained motor oil viscosity ratings below.

Viscosity refers to the letters and numbers on the bottles of motor oil. The viscosity determines how much the motor oil can resist flow. For instance, if you are pouring motor oil out of the bottle, the viscosity is how fast the oil flows out of the bottle. The number that comes before the letter tells you the viscosity of the oil at colder temperatures, and the number that comes after the letter will let you know its viscosity at hotter temperatures.

When you need to have your vehicle's motor oil changed, be sure to contact our service center at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo in Williamsville, NY. Our knowledgeable service technicians know what type of motor oil your vehicle needs.

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