If you don't already have a spare tire in your vehicle, you should. A blowout or a slow leak can happen at any time, and you not only should have a spare tire, but you should also know which kind you have. You can have a full-size spare tire, or you could also have a compact, temporary spare tire. Here's the difference.

A full-size temporary spare tire is the same size as your other tires, but it's made of lighter material, so it won't work forever. The positive is that it won't interfere with ABS. On the other hand, a compact, temporary tire will only go to certain speeds, and you will have only a short amount of time that you can drive on it before you need to change it.

For driving on a spare tire, you should not drive more than 70 miles, and not drive faster than 50 mph before getting the spare replaced. That should leave you enough time and distance to drive to get the spare replaced with a new tire. 

If you need a new spare tire, come to Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo so that we can find the right tire for your vehicle.



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