Tips for Dealing With a Potential Roadside Emergency

The best way to handle a roadside emergency is to prepare well in advance of anything going wrong. Consider these tips so you are prepared in the event of any roadside trouble.

If the car is disabled after dark, keep as many lights on as possible to give other drivers a chance to see your car and steer clear of trouble. Place road flares far ahead of the disabled car so that other drivers have the chance to slow down before approaching your vehicle.

Call for police immediately, and never leave the locked car until help arrives. When your vehicle has a flat tire, don't leave the car on the road. Ride the rim as long as it takes to get the car to the shoulder so you are safe and other drivers aren't at risk of injury.

Our family at the Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo service center hopes this information on roadside emergencies serves you well.

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