How to Safely Replace a Flat Tire

You probably love flat tires as much as kids love vegetables, but occasional flats are part of car ownership. Use our tips to safely replace a flat.

Always replace flats away from traffic. If your tire flattens during a drive, carefully stop your car in a breakdown lane or parking lot. Next, disengage your engine, and engage your parking brake. To prevent accidental movement, chock the tires opposite the flat one. With your jack, tools and spare removed from your trunk, initially loosen the flat tire's nuts with a lug wrench. Next, raise the car. By hand, spin the nuts, and disconnect the flat tire's wheel from the axle. Replace it with your spare tire. Spin the nuts by hand, and lower the car. Tighten the nuts with the lug wrench.

Visit us at Ray Laks Acura in Williamsville, NY after you finish. Our service pros will gladly answer your tire questions, and we can quickly fix your flat or replace your old tires with new tires if needed.

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