These are a few of the essentials that the team at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo have determined should be in every roadside emergency kit.

The jumper cables should be a part of the kit because you could get help from just about any motorist that stops to offer assistance. A big flashlight with new batteries will come in handy when you need to make any repairs to the vehicle at night. It can also be used to signal drivers to avoid your disabled vehicle if the battery is dead.

Tools that should be in the kit include scissors, pliers, wrenches, hammer, screwdriver, and knife. A roll of duct tape can be used to make repairs of all sorts, enough to get your vehicle to the nearest service station. Tire fix-a-flat is good for getting a flat tire off the ground so you can move the car to a safer spot.

Our team of mechanics wants to remind you to bring your vehicle for servicing to avoid many of these roadside issues.



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