How to Prevent Hydroplaning and Stay Safe on Wet Roads

Hydroplaning is a potentially hazardous condition that can occur when your tires lose contact with the road due to excessive water. When this happens, you vehicle will start to glide on the water and you’ll instantly lose all ability to control or brake. Still, avoiding this dangerous situation is easy if you follow these basic steps.

The most important thing is to slow down whenever driving in heavy rains or on wet roads. Driving too fast increases the risk of hydroplaning, while also giving you less time to react and potentially avoid deep puddles. It is also imperative that you never use cruise control on wet roads, and in general, you should try to avoid speeding up too quickly.

Modern tire tread designs are incredibly effective at pushing water away to lower the risk of hydroplaning. However, the tread quickly loses its effectiveness as it begins to wear down, and driving with bald tires on wet roads is an extremely dangerous combination.

For this reason, it is recommended that you contact us at Ray Laks Acura of Buffalo if your tires are looking bare and you need a tire replacement or your vehicle is in need of any other maintenance or repairs.

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