Is It Time for a Differential Fluid Change?

Our Acura service technicians agree that most drivers aren't aware that their vehicle features a gearbox called a differential, located between the vehicle's drive wheels. But it is important to know that the differential fluid must be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep the vehicle operating at peak performance.

There is both a front and rear differential if you operate a four-wheel drive vehicle. The lubricating fluid inside these gearboxes prevents gears from becoming overheated. Over the course of time, this fluid breaks down, can begin leaking out, or become contaminated. One sure sign that your differential fluid is too old is a grinding noise coming from the gears.

Your ability to turn your vehicle and maintain control is also affected by differential performance. When differential gears are well lubricated, it enables the outside of your wheels to rotate more quickly than the inside of the wheels.



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